White River Sunrise

“White River Sunrise”, 48″x48″, acrylic on canvas

If you ever have the opportunity to explore Northwest Arkansas Ozarks one of the most outstanding trout fishing areas is The White River. The water temperature is around 52 degrees due to the fact that it comes from the bottom of the near 200′ deep Beaver and Bull Shoals Reservoirs.

On a recent trip to Gaston’s Resort, as a guest of my ever-so-generous and big hearted brother in law West,  I witnessed this early morning sunrise.

As I approached the water the waves of mist hovered and danced. The breeze was soft and cool. The fiery warmth of the sun was creeping over the distant treeline. This is the early morning White River and its mystical healing properties.

My Dad taught us to love and cherish the natural beauty of this river. One of his very best lessons.  Thanks Dad!